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Tana has been a single Mom for the last 8 years, raising her three daughters in Kenya. The stories she will share are humorous and touching. Tana had a very unique upbringing, raised on an exotic animal compound in So. California raising exotic animals for the motion picture business. She has been traveling back and forth from So. Calif and Kenya since she was 6 years old, and has lived in Kenya more than half her life. Tana and her children have had some amazing and heart felt adventures along the way, all of which have brought enlightenment to just how funny some of the scariest moments in ones life can be, it is an attitude choice to see the light side of things even when being chased by an elephant in the bush, charged by rhino, or even having a contract put out on her. Tana and her friends and her children friends stories will have you wondering how the heck they survived, but in all honesty it is the Kenyan lifestyle, which some people may not understand, but hopefully appreciate. Please note as Tana and her daughters may come across as very strong woman, but along with their strengths they are very sensitive and compassionate people who just see the world through kaleidoscope eyes. Tana brief Bio: Executive Director and Projects officer - Co-Founder of KWWT Ongoing. Relief manager and Operations Manager for Safari Lodges and Camps. Ongoing. Private safari guide Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute, Kenya Trust. 2003 – 2004 Founder, "Wildlife Awareness Foundation". Chairman and CEO From 1997 to 2002. A lecturer at the United Nations workshop as the voice for the Animal Kingdom. Teacher of affection training, stunt-woman, animal coordinator, project manager & author. Author _”When you fight the Tiger” – Co-written by Tana Herbert and Joan Hewitt - Published by Little Brown and Company

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