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The Handsome Large Chui (Leopard)

Hello Beautiful People,

Last night was amazing, to say the least! I got out of camp and saw this beautiful male leopard.

Leopard at Cottars 1920's

I was sitting in my office at work and heard a very low deep voice (Doug) over the radio, “Charlie Mike, Charlie Mike (that would be me! Camp Manager) I am looking at the largest Leopard I have ever seen!”

Tana,”Doug where are you?”

Doug: “4×4”

Tana: “Will you wait for me? I am coming now”

Doug:  “Hurry!”

Tana: “I will do my best! Guests just arrived and pilot staying the night as he can’t fly out, let me sort everything”

In the mean time, Rian and Tom (our volunteer) were introducing new guests in to camp. I practically tripped over the tent flap while getting to the new guests, to ask them if they wouldnt mind if we all jump back in the vehicle and go see this huge leopard. They are very excited about this news and say that they would love to go! Rian, Tom and I jumped into the vehicle with the guests and shot off, literally into the sunset, with William a guide behind the wheel.

We had just had a huge rain storm, so rivers were a bit high and the mud was thick, but that didnt stop William from driving at an amazing and yet safe, speed to get us there just in time, as the sun was going down, to see this handsome leopard!

I love moments like these.




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Sorry for the long silence! I have decided to post little updates in order to stay in communication. I am working in an amazing camp called “Cottars 1920’s camp” as the Camp Manager (Relief).

A quick explanation: Many Maasia are the Askaris (security Guards) in Camps.

I love the Maasai. I was explaining in a meeting (today) that I need them to report to me before they leave the camp. I explained “What would you do if the appointed young boy watching your cattle left the cattle unattended?” They sat up and said with huge concern “WHY WOULD HE DO THAT?” they understood my point when I said “PLEASE think of us as your cattle,” They all laughed.

Hope everyone is well. xxx


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