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I know it has been ages since I last wrote a story, I do apologize. For those of you who are not friends with me on Facebook, you would need to know that I have been flat out working for Nairobi Tented Camp as the Operations Manager, opening their camp from the end of last September. It has been amazing and such a beautiful camp, for those of you who would like to take a look, please visit our website. www.nairobitentedcamp.com

Now story time!

My daughters, Dawn and her son Ryan as well as a family friend, Keri, rented out a house on the beautiful Kenyan coast this holiday. A lavish two story, Zanzibar-ian with a huge swimming pool, surrounded with lush trees and foliage. The perfect place for a holiday as well as for some unsuspecting humor!

We had been lying out, then went out and drank ourselves silly till all hours of the night. Just letting loose and decompressing from a very busy year of University work, camp work and A- level exam work. On one very special night all of us were sitting outside, swimming, laughing and dancing to great music. Another family friend by the name of Hugo had come over to join us. Now Hugo is one of the funniest young men in our lives, he is a very handsome young man, tall with blue eyes, dark hair and is extremely brainy with a confidence that leaves him no time for the macho aspect of teenage boy life.

We had all gotten up and were dancing underneath the stars, laughing so hard that I had to hold my stomach more than a few times. We only had the soft outside lights by the main door. I had turned to see Hugo walking out of the door and gently throw something on to the makeshift dance floor on our verandah, as I was looking at was being tossed, I heard him call out “Cockroach!” I was so curious I went to look at the massive 2 inch cockroach, when I head Keri scream out (I think more from not hearing what he said, only seeing something coming her way) and then I started to laugh again, I turned to look at Hugo to ask where he found it when I saw him bent over on the steps holding his stomach in what I thought was massive laughter.

I then saw Rian standing next to him, laughing too and trying to get out the words “Are… you….. OK?” I walked over to him and was laughing with him, I thought. Only to find out that when he screamed out “COCKROACH” he was standing too close to my terminator, Rian. Now, everyone knows you NEVER try to scare Rian unless you are at least out of her reach. Hugo, who knows this, but had a temporary memory lapse as he was so caught up in trying to scare the girls.

When I took a second look at Hugo, I realized although he was laughing, it was with great pain! “Hugo, are you ok honey” I asked. Grunting a bit he got out the words “Noooo” “What happened?” all the poor boy could get out was “Rrrriiiiiaaan.”  I started to laugh harder and tried to help him up! “Rian, what did you do to huggy Bear?” “I hit him, he screamed right behind me, you know me Mum you cant scare me like that, I always hit first and asked questions last.” Hugo managed to cough out, “It…was…not…worth…it.” I was gone with laughter, at this point so was everyone else, even Hugo. He was fine….

I walked over to the cockroach as, yes I even love cockroaches. Made sure it was out of the way and watched it as it scrambled over to the bushes.

The next Day, Dawn, Rian, Keri and I had driven up to Malindi for the day. After finishing all of our running around we were back in the car heading back to Watamu, when from out of no where I hear Dawn yell out “Cock…” and then complete silence. Keri was sitting next to her and I turned around and got whiplash looking out the window trying to see the ‘cockerel? Or the other thing? To see nothing! I asked Dawn “Where? What exactly am I looking for?” I see Dawn slowly pulling her hand in through the window and shyly says, “A Cockroach was on me, but I remembered what happened to Hugo when he yelled out cockroach, so stopped half way.” Laughter broke out throughout the car.

Huge Hugs to EVERYONE xxx

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