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I would love to say…

If I hear this ex-land lord scream at me one more time, “I am a 65 year old man that makes 500,000/- (approx. 6,500usd a month), you must respect me!”. I think my next response to him, besides “really?” will be, and I am a 46 year old woman who has raised three children on my own in a 3rd world country, I have wrestled Lions, alligators taken hits from Tigers, all for fun. I think I would like to introduce you to all three of them in a dark alley soon! Can you respect that?”

Tonight I should hear the results of my friends conversation with my ex-landlord. It should be interesting to hear what he had to say ‘man to man!’ Wish me luck. xxx

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My, Oh My, Oh My, how certain people can lie with a straight face is so amazing to me! A brief update for you as the issue between my ex-landlord and me is still on going ON!

My morning started by me receiving a call from the Karen Police. The officer started by yelling at me to get down to the Karen Police station immediately because a complaint was filed against me by ex-landlord.

I explained to the officer that I had filed a report on him last Thursday and it is my ex-landlord who is expected to be at the Karen police station; I gave him the head of police investigations number at Karen, Then the officer hung up on me. Guess he hadn’t been paid enough to get into it with another police station! Lol…

I then called the Langata Police man that I had been dealing with and told him about the phone call, he said to ignore it and just be at the station at 4pm and my ex-landlord would be there and he would call Karen Police station and explain.

We (my male friend and I, when you are a woman in Kenya, and not powerful, bring a man, as Kenyan men look down on woman) arrived, and then the ex-landlord arrived soon after. We went in to a small-cemented room with one window and broken chairs, my chair didn’t have a back support, and it was more like a stool. I knew the ex-landlord had done something, because the police investigator who promised me he would be there, wasn’t and when I called him he said he went to lunch, even though I called him earlier and he promised me he would be there.

The ex-landlord starting spewing out lies about me that were so outrageous I had to laugh. Every time I tried to counter him and prove he was lying to the police officer, the police officer asked me to be quiet, hmmm Really? I wasn’t quiet. This went on for an hour, only to be told I had to go to the Karen police station to resolve the complaint he filed against me. And that my complaint against him was to be put aside, this is Kenya for you when it comes to women’s rights. And who has the most money to pay people off. I don’t believe in paying bribes, which can make life very difficult here, but at least I can rest my head on the pillow at night. I hope I am never put in a position where I will have to pay a bribe, hence never say never.

When my male friend and I arrived at the Karen the police station, I proved I was in the right and the ex-landlord stood down. Unfortunately that did not mean he paid me what he owed me. So, the saga continues, and my ex-landlord did not succeed in having me arrested, arrogant little man that he is, one small victory for me.

My male friend and ex-landlord are meeting this week to hopefully finalize everything.

For those of you who don’t understand why I would step out of the picture, it is simple politics, and it bores me to no end, but I have learned, I don’t have to fight all my own battles, and it makes it easier on everyone involved when dealing with the men in this country, bring in a bigger man. Lol… D.I.A. Dis –Is –Africa or D.B.A. Dis Be Africa.

I have no idea which way this will end up! But, I do know, we haven’t heard the end of it! As my daughters’ soon to be Mother in law said to me, Kikuyu’s hate to part with money, whether it is theirs or someone else’s! And she is half Kikuyu! LOL, god bless her, as she said again, my Kamba side is stronger than my Kikuyu side! LOL. She is a wonderful woman, and she and I joke how conmen always come after her and evil men always come after me! Ah, the life…. To continue, as soon as I know the out come! God Bless everyone! xxx

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Hello Beautiful People, Please forgive me for taking so long to write. These last few weeks have proved themselves to be life affirming.

Robbers attacked very close family friends of mine, on the eve of Easter. Two had guns, plus 4 other men. One gunman put his gun to my friends’ head, a 17-year-old young man, we’ll call him ‘M’ (don’t want to disclose names).

M had the gun at his head first and was walked in to the house with the other gunman and robbers, he remained calm until the second gun was put to his father’s head. M grabbed his gunman’s gun, while they struggled and both men’s hands were on the gun, he muscled the gun to point towards the other gunman who had his gun pointed at his father head and then through the struggle that gun was fired and shot the second gunman.

The bullet went through the robbers’ stomach and hit his dad’s wrist. His Dad will be fine, the gunman didn’t make it. The 17-year-old got the gun out of his gunman’s hands and all the other robbers fled.

This is a very short version, but really not my story to tell, more to explain what can happen here and to also help people understand the strength of conviction our children are raised with here.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but we are raised to be ready for anything, and obviously most of the time you do as they say and give them what they want, but M knew these gunmen were not there to just take money and things and he did what he had to, in order to save his father. The police have ‘shoot to kill’ orders for these remaining robbers.

Also going on during this time was our move, the unpacking, the settling in, and my ex-landlord who is giving me hassles, threatening me (a very real thing in this country), ignoring my emails, calls and text messages as the poor little man does not want to part with the money he owes me! This is not unusual in Kenya, as getting your money back from certain individuals is like ripping a dinosaur out of the tar pits.

I have tried, being polite, showing kindness, presented proof of all documents explaining how much he owes me and why. But, he is one of those men who thinks by threatening me I will meekly walk away with my head down, poor chap doesn’t know me very well.

I went to the police station last Thursday and reported him, and the police agreed I could have him arrested on many different charges, but we all agreed to wait till today to see if he would come around. He hasn’t, which means back to the station this afternoon as they will have to bring him in. This should be interesting. Many things can happen in this situation, we’ll just have to wait and see and pray for a positive outcome. I will keep you posted on the turn of events with this story.

On a positive note Savanah and I love our new, yet old colonial house. It still needs much work, but we are used to that. The animals are settled in and Joyce my amazing house lady is thankful to have bigger staff quarters for her and her three children.

I know this is not one of my funny adventures, but I was asked by my friends here in Kenya to also share the other side of living in this beautiful country. To help people understand why we work hard, party hard and appreciate everyday.

God Bless and Lots of Love to Everyone…

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